Repair or Replace the Roof Over Your Business

Spruce up your building with commercial roofing services in Oak Grove, MO

You don't want your customers complaining about a leak in the roof. Allstar Roofing, LLC has plenty of experience doing commercial roofing work. We'll find the root of the problem and provide any needed repair, maintenance or replacement services.

We can also apply roof coatings to make your roof more durable and protect it from wind, rain and humidity. Thanks to their insulating properties, roof coatings can also make your building more energy efficient.

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Learn more about TPO roofing

Learn more about TPO roofing

Many commercial buildings use TPO roofing. We are well-equipped to patch holes or completely replace TPO roofs. We also work with EPDM roofs and other kinds of flat roofing materials. We'll make sure your roof is properly installed and make sure rainwater doesn't pool.

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